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    Welcome to my blog; a window into my world where I share images from every spectacular, joy filled wedding and crazy-fun portrait session. To stay up to date with all my latest blog posts, feel free to add my RSS feed by going here. Please feel free to leave a comment or just say hello; we would love to hear from you!

    I am proud to be a Michigan based wedding and portrait photographer who strives to capture each unique relationship with a fun, energetic and creative approach. Whether you're planning a wedding here in Michigan or a destination wedding abroad I'll gladly follow love to the ends of the earth and back.

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    It's October. OCTOBER. The 10th month of the Gregorian calendar which is frighteningly close to the 11th month when the air begins to smell very different, Bing Crosby's holiday classics hit the airwaves, and I attempt to get all of my Christmas shopping done before Christmas Eve (for once). And here it is the 22nd...someone light an aromatherapy candle and hand me a Xanax!

    Yep, you guessed it. I've been busy. Busy as heck shooting weddings and sessions. Busy answering email, answering the phone...answering my husband. Busy giving kisses and hugs to my son and husband as I send them off to bed before settling down to edit and busy getting more kisses and hugs in the morning, dressed in the same clothes as the night before. Do I miss having a personal life? I sure do. And, what's more, I feel guilty for missing out on the lives of those I love. Such is the life of a workaholic and I know I am not alone.

    Big changes are coming for 2010 and in an attempt to find the proper work/life balance that eludes me, I am limiting the number of wedding and portrait commissions I take on. I was surprised to learn, quite recently, that 60 per year is not the average number of weddings a professional photographer accepts. Why didn't someone tell me that years ago????? Perhaps they did and I just missed it. I tend to dance to the beat of my own drum so chances are I wouldn't have listened anyway. I know I inherited my hard head from my Mother who inherited it from my grandfather; thus the beauty of the double helix. Well, that is changing and I look forward to spending more time honing my craft, connecting with my clients on a deeper level, and, last but not least, walking thru life with those who have so lovingly supported me and patiently waited for me to make time for them. Change IS good.

    All of my clients are anxious to see their images and believe me, I dance and sing each time I wrap up a wedding or session and hit the upload button (and god willing it will never make YouTube). But, it all takes time and since I can't seem to find someone to share in the wonderment that is editing, it takes alot of my time. To those who patiently await the first glimpse and to those who wait no so patiently, I appreciate your anxiety. It means that you care about your images, which is why you hired me in the first place, right? ::Wink-Wink::: I, too, care - I care allot, which is why I don't just slam thru a thousand of your precious images slapping them with basic, universal adjustments or overused and outdated photoshop actions. These are your moments; snippets of your life as seen thru my eyes and that makes them just as special to me. I may not offer the fastest turnaround but when it comes to personal attention you can rest assured that I'm delivering my promises. And I hope that in the end that kind of care and attention is worth waiting just a bit longer for.

    Here is my current edit roster which consist of weddings and sessions from AUG thru OCT - if you don't see your name here please let me know. The hubby may have slipped decaf in the carafe to aid in getting some much needed R.E.M. (the sleep, not the band). :)

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    Sanchez Wedding
    Nickola Wedding
    Fraley Wedding
    King Wedding
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    Kugler Wedding
    Mavrellis Wedding
    Leja Wedding
    Fisk Engagement
    Sumner Wedding
    Bradley Wedding
    Abdal Wedding
    Long Wedding
    Palin Engagement
    Erhard Wedding
    Caverly Wedding
    Jelinski Portraits
    Foust Wedding
    Hanson Wedding
    Kidwell Wedding
    Abela Engagement
    Owens Engagement
    Garafalo Engagement
    Alka Jain Portraits
    Muench Portraits

    Make that two Xanax and a bottle (read case) of organic red wine, please!!

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