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    Welcome to my blog; a window into my world where I share images from every spectacular, joy filled wedding and crazy-fun portrait session. To stay up to date with all my latest blog posts, feel free to add my RSS feed by going here. Please feel free to leave a comment or just say hello; we would love to hear from you!

    I am proud to be a Michigan based wedding and portrait photographer who strives to capture each unique relationship with a fun, energetic and creative approach. Whether you're planning a wedding here in Michigan or a destination wedding abroad I'll gladly follow love to the ends of the earth and back.

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    It was cold and rainy the the day we shot Jennie & Ron's engagement pictures at Belle Isle but thanks to an extra set of hands and a couple of large golf umbrellas we managed to stay "mostly" dry. Thank you for a great time guys and I look forward to your wedding in July of 2009!!



    Sarah + Nick


    Sarah and Nick are an absolutely awesome couple and their parents are equally wonderful as well. It's an incredible joy for me to see families come together each weekend and when I spent time with both of theirs it was apparent that they truly are meant for one another; with the blending of these two familes a more perfect union simply could not exist.

    Below is a list of 2008 dates that remain available. A few of our previously reserved 2008 dates have opened up recently due to clients moving their weddings. Hopefully this posting will help someone! :)

    November - 21, 22
    December - 5,12, 19, 20

    We had incredibly high winds during Amy & Sebastian's engagement session which actually added to the excitement of the shoot. This bride-to-be has a ton of spunk and if she's half as fun on the wedding day as she was during their engagement session it will be difficult to make it to the reception on time!!

    So, I realize that I am way behind in posting and I truly apologize to those that have been patiently waiting to see something new. I'm working on catching up and I'll post as quickly as I can. :)

    Here are a few from an engagement session with Jennifer and Brian, my December 14th couple. I look forward to their elegant winter wedding and I am itching to see all the details Jennifer has worked so hard on over the past year!

    Alison + Kevin



    It was a fantastic day for Alison and Kevin and I can't thank them enough for being open to my (somewhat) crazy ideas, though thanks are also due in part to their bridal party for cheering them on! Both Kristyn of Castle Video and I had a complete blast with these guys in Detroit and I can't wait to see all of the fun shots we took! Kevin and Kelly of Rent-A-DJ provided sound and an amazing light show which added to the beauty of their elegantly decorated room at Grecian Center Southgate. Congrats!!

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