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    Welcome to my blog; a window into my world where I share images from every spectacular, joy filled wedding and crazy-fun portrait session. To stay up to date with all my latest blog posts, feel free to add my RSS feed by going here. Please feel free to leave a comment or just say hello; we would love to hear from you!

    I am proud to be a Michigan based wedding and portrait photographer who strives to capture each unique relationship with a fun, energetic and creative approach. Whether you're planning a wedding here in Michigan or a destination wedding abroad I'll gladly follow love to the ends of the earth and back.

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    Enzo & Chiara Celebrate Birthday #1

    It's hard to believe just a year ago our dear friends were blessed with these adorable twins! I've had the honor of watching them grow and documenting their childhood along the way and I look forward to each and every visit with them (and their parents too). Christmas is just around the corner and I cannot wait to see the holiday outfits mom finds!

    Lauren & Eric

    It was a gorgeous day for an wedding and the bright sun hid behind the clouds throughout most of their ceremony and family formals although I am fairly certain Lauren contemplated jumping in the lake at Addison Oaks later in the afternoon (and I would have quickly followed). Thanks for a great time, you two; congratulations!

    When Mommy's Away the Kids Will Play


    When I arrived home from today's wedding it was total mayhem at the Haglund household as my son and his best buddies made Smores (or reasonable facsimiles thereof) around the campfire engineered by my hubby, master of all things outdoors. I made it home just in time - there was one more chocolate bar left!

    At Last

    It's rare that I am able to attend the wedding of a friend let alone photograph one so this was a huge treat for me to see two wonderful people begin their lives together as a family. For Karen (mother of two) and Chris (father of one) this day may seem long overdue. Today they combined not two lives, but five. The best part of the day for me was when Chaisten, Chris's son, ran down the aisle after the two newlyweds and enthusiastically declared, "Now I have a Daddy AND a Mommy". I didn't know whether to cry or laugh. Best of luck...I love you guys!!

    Katie - Class of 2008

    Katie was looking for a style unlike what she had seen and thankfully Mom was totally on board. I don't get the opportunity to photograph many seniors as my wedding schedule keeps me on the run but I was excited to work with Katie. She never questioned one of my crazy ideas and toward the end of her session she came up with one of her own - the tree shot above. What you don't see is the hill she had to climb to get to it and the stream below. That's my kinda girl!!

    They're Engaged!

    Today I had the pleasure of meeting Elesa & Ian, a fun couple who live in the fabulous city of Denver. I am very much looking forward to their wedding in Chelsea and A2 this December, even more so now that we've had a chance to work together. I also had the privilege of meeting a few of Elesa's family members today and I sense that they know how to throw a great party!

    Pinch me...I may be dreaming!

    I finally have a blog thanks to the time and talent of Brynn and Jason, one of my 2008 couples pictured above. I am super excited to work with them; I just hope I don't drive THEM nuts before the wedding with all of my questions! Thank you so much guys!!

    Nicole & Brandon

    I was thrilled when Brandon contacted me to schedule an "after the wedding" engagement session as a birthday present for his new bride. Nicole was looking to decorate their new home with pictures but found all they really had were formal shots from their wedding. Upon meeting them for the first time the day of the session, I felt as though I'd known them for years. They were game for anything which made it even more fun for me! I look forward to delivering their entire collection of images and I am honored to provide them with art for their walls!

    Into The Future