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    Welcome to my blog; a window into my world where I share images from every spectacular, joy filled wedding and crazy-fun portrait session. To stay up to date with all my latest blog posts, feel free to add my RSS feed by going here. Please feel free to leave a comment or just say hello; we would love to hear from you!

    I am proud to be a Michigan based wedding and portrait photographer who strives to capture each unique relationship with a fun, energetic and creative approach. Whether you're planning a wedding here in Michigan or a destination wedding abroad I'll gladly follow love to the ends of the earth and back.

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    I was so thrilled when Danielle and Mark contacted me to photograph their beautiful new baby boy, Brady Michael. At just over a week old Brady was already showing signs of great strength; he was quite the little wiggle worm. :) Once he nodded off I managed to get several close ups of his sweet little face. At one point it looked as if he was having a fantastic dream and we all laughed as the corners of his mouth turned up in what looked to be a smile. Below is a collection of images I put together for a custom 24x36 canvas gallery wrap. He's so cute, I want to hang this in my own home!



    They have the most interesting bookshelf I've ever seen. I lost myself in this photo for several minutes just looking at the eclectic mix of titles. :)






    Those poor bare fingers...

    To celebrate Pat's German heritage, Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum) was used in his boutonnière as well as a few others'. I've never even seen the flower before this wedding and now that I have, I'm smitten.

    This image captures the flurry of movement that occurs just minutes before the bride walks down the aisle.



    I really love this shot. The look on Christy's face, the movement of her hair, the cool.








    Custom coat check tags; an awesome detail created by Tifany of Gourmet Invitations expressly for Christy & Pat.



    There are times when you just need to break free from the rules to allow yourself to remember why there are even rules at all.


    For many, the process of editing is just as much an expression of a photographer's style, talent and vision as the image capture itself. It is another tool an artist may elect to use to convey to the world what it is that he or she sees or wants others to see in their image, their art. While wedding photography has come a long way it is still a wedding that we're photographing and we need to be mindful that we're not just creating art for our own amusement; we're there to capture and preserve the history of a couple, a family, and its relationships that spans generations. As I look back on the first time my mother shared with me pictures of my grandparents before they were married, at their wedding, and as their family grew from one to five children, I remember spending a considerable amount of time soaking up the details of every photo. Who was in the image? Where was the image taken? What made this moment so special that they took the time to take the picture in the first place? I mean, think about it - it was a far more expensive and laborious process years ago as our parents and grandparents will attest. While I absolutely love black and white and vintage toned photographs I have to admit that I really wish, at times, that I could see the colors in older prints. Colors of clothes, of cars, and buildings...of the icing on birthday cakes, wrapping paper and balloons. The colors of life.

    Digital photography has come a long way in a handful of years and processing has made leaps and bounds as well. We play and we experiment as we add, enhance, or even remove color while striving to make an image "our own". Old becomes new again when we mimic the look of processes of bygone eras such as daguerreotype or polaroid. I, for one, enjoy this process, which is an exploration in and of itself, and I revel in the possibilities this digital age gives to us. But, amidst this explosion of creativity I am reminded of the way I felt as a child while staring at those black and white images wondering what the world looked like beyond light and shadow, texture and depth. It is for this reason that I believe we should give our clients the best of both so that they may explore their world not only thru our eyes but remember and preserve it as it was thru their own.

    So to the world I say, go forth and create. Learn the rules and then by all means, BREAK THEM - break them whenever you feel the desire. This truly is how we grow and compel one  another to become better artists. But never forget the responsibility we have as professional wedding photographers to preserve as well as to create. : )


    I love this series!




    Katherine and her parents, Kim and Chris (really cool people). I photographed their wedding in 2007 and during the process we became good friends. BONUS: Chris, a lover of photography, is now one of my associate photographers. I really do meet the most awesome people. :)





    I LOVE BABIES!! : )

    Paula + Joe






    I'm not a fan of selective color images but this shot of her shoes just begged for it; 
    here it is with my own little modern twist. :)














    Paula and Joe were married at Addison Oaks in Leonard, a Great Oaks venue which is known for their fabulous buffet that truly is like no other. As always their staff was friendly and courteous (and just a lot of fun to work with as well). The day was fantastic and even though the snow was piled high and the wind shaved another few degrees off the already frigid air, Paula and Joe were more than happy to run outdoors for a few shots. Their personalities are fantastic and they and their family kept us laughing the entire time. They're both so down to earth and so very much in love. It was an honor to have shared their day with them; my husband and I enjoyed every minute. Filling the dance floor that evening was one of my favorite people in the business; the forever fabulous Mary Ann of Mary Ann Productions. Congrats, Englins and thank you for making us feel like members of the family. 

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