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    Welcome to my blog; a window into my world where I share images from every spectacular, joy filled wedding and crazy-fun portrait session. To stay up to date with all my latest blog posts, feel free to add my RSS feed by going here. Please feel free to leave a comment or just say hello; we would love to hear from you!

    I am proud to be a Michigan based wedding and portrait photographer who strives to capture each unique relationship with a fun, energetic and creative approach. Whether you're planning a wedding here in Michigan or a destination wedding abroad I'll gladly follow love to the ends of the earth and back.

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    Michelle and Ryan have a great chemistry. Ryan has a great sense of humor and Michelle is as sweet as they come, making them a joy to be around. I had a wonderful time with them, their family and friends who are such a kind and fun group of people. This was also my first visit to Boulder Pointe which was absolutely beautiful. Due to the high winds we didn't get to venture out onto the course as far as I had hoped to but we did seek refuge in a tunnel that provided an awesome setting for cool shots!

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    We happened upon a great deal on a hotel at Colonial Williamsburg sort of last minute and decided it would be a neat experience four our son. Expose him to a bit of history that he may actually retain, so to speak. Three of the hotel's four stars were tarnished (quite the dive) but it turned out to be an awesome trip anyway. With milder than usual temps in the 40s and rain we dubbed this a theme weekend and the theme was "Old and Cold". :)

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    An example of how a musket was loaded and fired was a huge hit!

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    My better half. :)

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    INDIAN: A reenactment (he's quite the actor these days)

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    Old Man and the Sea?

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    Pay no attention to the man behind the mast. : )

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    Old stuff...

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    Getting in a daily dose of embarrassing parental PDA

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    House of Something or Other That is Closed when the Haglunds Visit...

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    I sense he may have a little Captain in him - makes us look like great parents, doesn't it? Ugh!

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    One of the prison cells that once held members of Blackbeard's captured crew

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    Gotta love the t-shirt

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    "Mom, is that Ben Franklin?"

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    The first signs of Spring!

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    More old stuff...

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    No vacation is complete without a trip to the shoe store! LOL

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    Close up of rifle in the Governor's Mansion

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    The WAY cool Garden Maze. This would be an awesome place for wedding photos!

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    What do you do in a hotel room when it rains? BED JUMP of course!

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    Gaven's lighter side. LOL









    Terri and Mark will be wed May 10, 2008 and though there schedules have been hectic we managed to get their engagement session in just in the nick of time! I am looking forward to working with them in a couple of weeks!!!













    Bree Anne and Ryan selected Henry Ford Museum as the perfect backdrop for their dream wedding not only for it's well known beauty, charm, and history; it also holds special meaning to them as Ryan, a grad from Detroit's College for Creative Studies, is a car designer for Ford Motor Co. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my time with them, their awesome bridal party, and their families. I only wish I had more time (though I could spend weeks in this place and never shoot the same thing twice)! Thank you for allowing me to be part of such an amazing experience!

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